InsightsPLUS wins at Global Biggies

23 March 2018

InsightsPLUS won the Excellence in Data-driven Business Process Efficiency category at the Global Biggies for 2018.
ACM salespeople truly have a world class insights delivery tool at their finger tips. Developed by Robert Tidball, the audience and business analyst at ACM National Sales, InsightsPLUS is an online portal that supplies dynamic insights in real time to all ACM salespeople so they have access to the latest audience information and insights at any time on any platform.
The 2018 Global BIGGIES Awards competition rewards media companies’ best practices in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence products and strategies around the world. The competition drew participation from the most innovative media companies implementing data and artificial intelligence initiatives, and has produced 39 winners from 14 countries and 21 companies.
InsightsPlus took out first place in the Data-driven Business Process Efficiency category in recognition of the way it integrates multiple datasources, its straightforward interface and the way it makes data accessible across a large workforce.
It is a great achievement to have Fairfax/ACM recognised as a leader in its use of data.



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