The Streaming Mrec is a rich media ad execution which allows you to present TV and video commercials in a standard in-page banner.


Click here to view a Streaming Mrec on the Illawarra Mercury Homepage.


Streaming Mrec can either be built by Fairfax following the below specifications or by a third party, supplied to us via 3rd party re-direct tag.

For either execution the initial video may start to play automatically however, the sound must be muted by default. If the video plays on click initiation it is accepted and recommended to play / un-mute audio simultaneously. Please note, the Fairfax built Streaming Mrec has a mute icon overlayed on top of the video by default, which is removed on user initiation.

Product Rules

  • Audio must be user initiated.
  • Video Controls must always be present (play, pause & mute)

Video Specifications

VideoDimensionsFile SizeFile TypeNotes
Video300 x 169px (Ratio: 16:9)Compressed by Fairfax.MOV (h.264)< 60 second duration


300×250DimensionsFile SizeFile TypeNotes
InpageTop: 300 x 31px
Bottom: 300 x 50px
20KBJPG, GIFVideo sits in between Top & Bottom logo.
Backup300 x 250px40KBJPG, GIFWhen Ad cannot be served, Backup will be shown.


Fairfax built Streaming Mrec

  • Video file
  • Image for Top and Bottom section
  • Click URL / 3rd Party Click Tracking
  • Optional 3rd Party Impression Tracking
  • Backup image

3rd party build

  • Third party tags to be sent to Fairfax


The following applies to Fairfax built Streaming Mrec only, third party Video Rectangles may have their own metrics.

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Rich Media reporting
    • Exits (clicks)
      • Video clicked
      • End Logo (shown at end of video)
    • Counters
      • Click for Sound
      • Replay Button clicked
    • Video Events
      • Quartiles (Start, 25%, 50%, 75%, complete)
      • Player controls (Play, Pause, Mute etc.)
      • A full list of reporting available on request.


Lead Times

10 business days lead time.

Creative specifications can change at any time – always refer to the ACM AdCentre.


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